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On 23rd December, our Business Manager, Kathy Honeywood-Howlett, will be leaving us to move on to an exciting new venture. During her four years at Medwyn OH Kathy has been a pivotal member of the team and we wish her all the best for the future.

We are delighted to announce that Delcie will be joining Medwyn OH having enjoyed a lengthy career, underpinned by management qualifications, within a variety of healthcare settings. The last 11 years have been spent undertaking senior management and relationship management roles within occupational health, where she has gained an in-depth knowledge of the issues and pressures affecting employers. She has a proven track record in supporting clients and developing and managing high-performing customer service, account management and clinical teams.  She is solution focused and looks forward to ensuring our clients are able to maximize the occupational health opportunities available to them to support their employees and business.

Delcie can be contacted at


Alcohol & Drugs at Christmas

As Christmas approaches, it can be hard not to get carried away with the festive cheer. What with office parties, Christmas catch-ups with friends, followed by family get-togethers and that is all before we get to New Year’s Eve.

Employees with a drug or alcohol problem may ask for help at work if they are sure their problems will be dealt with discreetly and confidentially. However, it is important to consider your own legal position if you are given evidence or information that suggests an employee’s drug misuse has involved breaking the law at work.

Some employers have adopted screening as part of their drug and alcohol policy. If you want to do the same, think carefully about what you want screening to achieve and what you will do with the information it gives you.

There may be a case for screening, particularly in certain jobs (for example employees who make safety-critical decisions like drivers, pilots and some machinery operators). In jobs like these, the misuse of drugs or alcohol could have disastrous effects for the employee, colleagues, members of the public and the environment.

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Flu Jabs

Flu is very infectious and easily spread to other people. Whilst flu is unpleasant for most people, it can make some people seriously ill. Vaccination offers you the best protection from flu.

Medwyn is offering the quadrivalent flu jab, which protects against the four most common strains of the flu. The vaccination costs £15.99. Employees can book their vaccine below, or for large groups, please contact us at 01306 873936, or email

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New Year Resolutions

How can we help you? 
Occupational health services help to improve employees’ health, increase employees’ productivity and your organisation’s performance. As experienced occupational health professionals, we have expert knowledge regarding the interaction between work and health. We can help you meet your company’s legal obligations (health and safety at work, disability and reasonable adjustments); moral duty of care to employees; assist with recruitment and retention; reduce sickness absence and presenteeism and improve employee health and mental wellbeing.

Contact us to see how Medwyn can help generate significant benefits and great results for your business.

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