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Occupational Health for Mental Health

Occupational Health has a major role in managing the health and wellbeing of all workers, including employees, teachers, doctors, nurses, front-line staff and all public and private sector employees who play a key role in our everyday life.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is essential in order to identify any relevant risks to anyone, whether this be physical, mental, psychosocial so we can provide recommendations and support to employers, managers and workers.

Management Support Programmes

Our occupational health service delivers workplace stress audits, training and management support programmes to help reduce stress-related absenteeism. 

Stress at Work

Signs of stress can be seen in people’s behaviour, especially changes in behaviour. Employees may feel anxious, depressed, irritable and fatigued. They may become withdrawn, aggressive, tearful and demotivated. Some employees may have difficulty concentrating and problem solving. Palpitations, nausea and headaches can be physical symptoms of stress.

Presenteeism is a separate issue which we have experience of dealing with.

Substance Abuse

Alcohol and drug use increase the risk of mental health problems in the workplace, such as absenteeism, presenteeism, low productivity and inappropriate behaviour. It can impair a person’s performance at work through poor decision making and impaired reaction times – causing lost productivity, inferior goods or services, errors and accidents.

A robust alcohol and drug use policy should be in place to comply with existing legislation and guidance.


Counselling and psychological therapy can be provided at our offices to employees who feel they may need help with personal, work or stress-related difficulties.

Well-being Programmes

As part of a health promotion and wellbeing programme, Medwyn Occupational Health can provide health checks, such as BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, urine screening and diabetes HbA1c screening.

Medwyn Occupational Health can provide your organisation with education, training and resources focusing on the health benefits of physical activity, advice on quitting smoking, the health effects of alcohol and substance misuse.

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