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Offshore Medicals

Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) Medicals

It is Oil & Gas UK policy that all persons working offshore should be examined periodically and classified as medically fit to work in the offshore environment. Our clinicians are OGUK (Oil & Gas UK Medical) registered doctors. The standard OGUK offshore medical includes:

  1. A comprehensive medical, social and occupational history
  2. Appropriate clinical examination
  3. Audiometry (hearing test)
  4. Body mass index
  5. Spirometry (lung function assessment)
  6. Urinalysis
  7. Visual check
  8. Further investigations as required.

RUK Wind Turbine Medicals

The RUK Wind Turbine Medical is an assessment of an individual’s fitness to work on offshore and land-based projects for the renewable energy sector. This includes wind turbine technicians and other employees who may need to work, access or climb a medium or large wind turbine. Medicals usually take place every two years. The medical will include:

  • Aerobic capacity.
  • Audiometry
  • Blood pressure
  • Height, weight and BMI
  • Lung function
  • Spirometry
  • Urinalysis
  • Visual check

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