Pre-employment Assessments

About 5-10% of all new joiners will have a medical condition which is relevant to their fitness for work. A Pre appointment health risk assessment helps you identify problems early on so you can put in place adjustments to provide support in the workplace.

On October 1st 2010 The Equality Act came into force and replaces previous disability discrimination legislation. The Equality Act introduces major changes to pre-employment screening and limits the circumstances in which you can ask health related questions before an offer of employment has been made:

  • You may only enquire whether a candidate requires any adjustments to enable him/her to attend the selection process
  • You may not ask questions relating to past sickness absence
  • You may not refer an applicant to an occupational health practitioner or ask an applicant to complete a health questionnaire before a job offer except where:

You need to find out whether a candidate can participate in a required assessment e.g.  a physical fitness test.

You need to find out whether an applicant can undertake a function intrinsic to the job (e.g a driver may be required to meet a required eyesight standard)

Once a job offer is made, then health related questions may be asked to determine whether adjustment to the job specification is required.

How can we support you?

A pre appointment health risk assessment is the most cost effective way to identify employees who may require adjustment to their role.  This helps reduce the risk of allegations of failure to make reasonable adjustment in the workplace – the most common type of complaint lodged under disability legislation.

All our clinicians are familiar with the latest Equality Act legislation and are experienced in being able to support your organisation with appropriate pre-employment screening assessments. To discuss your requirements further please telephone 01306 873936 or complete our contact us form.